DevOps, ITIL, SCRUM & GamingWorks Trainer

Facilitation of a Business Simulation is what Eppo has done for more than 15 years now. Hundreds of simulation attended by thousands of delegates made him very experienced in helping organizations and individuals to learn capabilities and discover new ways to adapt to an ever changing working environment. Business simulations as the Apollo 13, Marslander and others will make an impact, or as Eppo says: “ You forget what you had for dinner yesterday, you will never forget the business Simulation you did, and the learning outcomes”.

Eppo has developed the capability to facilitate the Business Simulations by combining his experience from the field of ITSM, his unique capability to teach and his personal style. The latter can be described as respectful and challenging. The facilitator ‘plays’ several roles. Of course one of them is ‘the game leader’. His motto is that delegates should understand the simulation rules and be comfortable in a safe environment, before even starting. However when the simulation is running, his role might change into the CEO who challenges the team to make decisions on conflicting events. Never ever these challenges Eppo imposes on the team are too difficult to handle. So part of his facilitation skills is to lower – or to raise the bar according to the challenges the team just can handle. Because doing a business simulation should also be fun to do and be rewarding.

A business simulation hardly ever is a one-off. The delegates are askes – at the end of the simulation – to reflect on their own experience of the day. This 30 minutes of reflection is ‘the most important half hour of the day’. Delegates and facilitator will capture lessons learned and use these newly acquired skills the next day. One of the key questions of these reflection is: “what will you do different tomorrow?”.

NOT A GAME!, a Business simulation is serious matter. Hence, before engaging with the team, Eppo will discuss the learning outcomes before performing the simulation. What are the presenting issues? What are the goals of the team and its management? When are we satisfied? And most important, What are we going to do AFTER we have completed the Simulation?

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