As it is official now, PeopleCert – AXELOS certificates will have to be renewed! If you have one or more PeopleCert AXELOS certifications, you will need to renew within 3 years of your original certification dates issued by PeopleCert.
This means:

  • If certified before 30 June 2020: you will have until 1 July 2023 to renew your certification, regardless of the original award date.
  • If certified after June 2020: you will have to renew you certification(s) within 3 years of the original award date

1 World Training has complied below document and also created a video, to facilitate your understanding of PeopleCert Certification Renewal Process, and how you can Keep your certifications valid:

Learn About PeopleCert / AXELOS CPDs units- Continuing Professional Development |

Table of contents

  1. How to renew your certification?
  2. Submitting CPDs at the AXELOS site
  3. Submitting CPD units at the Peoplecert site
  4. CPD requirements and submission steps
  5. Sharing your badges publicly through Credly

(CPD – continuing professional development)

  1. How to renew your certification?

There are three ways to do it. You may chose the one you prefer.

  1. Retake the same exam: You can choose to renew your certification by re-taking your original exam before the renewal date. 
  2. Take further courses and certifications: You can choose to renew your certification by attending another course and taking an exam within the same product suite before the renewal date. 
ITIL® 4 Product Suite:  Project, Programme & Portfolio Management Product Suite:  AgileSHIFT® Product Suite:  RESILIA® Product Suite:  
All ITIL® 4 certifications  PRINCE2®, PRINCE2® Agile, MoR®, MSP®, MoV®, MoP®, P3O®  All AgileSHIFT® certifications  All RESILIA® certifications  

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  1. Collect and log CPD points: An active MyAxelos subscription is required.
  2. CPD points can be logged against individual or multiple certifications. For each Product Suite, you will need to submit at least 20 CPD points each year, across different CPD categories, for 3 years consecutively.
  3. At the end of this period, your certification renew-by date will then be extended by 3 years, and the cycle will repeat. It’s that easy!
  4. These points must be submitted by the date on which you originally passed your most recent exam within the Product Suite. For example, if you originally passed the exam on 1st April, your 20 CPD points must be logged by 1st April each year.

2. Submitting CPDs  at the AXELOS site

  • This is where you purchase your annual subscriptions in order to log your CPD units.
  • You can purchase subscriptions and log CPD units either at the AXELOS or Peoplecert site. These sites are integrated anyway.
  • Go to Select Solutions from the top menu. Select Professionals. Select MyAxelos. Subscribe to MyAxelos (monthly or annual as you prefer). You will be promoted to create an account and make the payment. Ensure you are using the same email id of your Peoplecert account where you are obtaining your certifications. Ensure that you renewing your membership before it expires or enable autorenewal, otherwise you will have to contact Peoplecert to help with payment for your membership extension.
  • Login using your account anytime. Select CPD at the top. All your current logged CPDs will be shown, and here you will be able to add CPDs using the button Add CPDs.

3. Submitting CPDs  at the Peoplecert site

  • Go to  You would already have an account here since you would have obtained some certification earlier.
  • After login, enter  (Important – this is not This will take you to the same AXELOS site where you can select CPD at the top and add CPDs using Add CPDs and also see all your currently logged CPDs.
  • Alternatively, instead of the above step, after login select Certifications and Memberships tab. Here you will see all your certifications. Click on Log CPDs for the  certification that you will to renew. This will also take you to the same AXELOS site where you can select CPD at the top and add CPDs using Add CPDs and also see all your currently logged CPDs.

4. CPD requirements and submission steps

  • You must complete 20 CPDs worth of activities linked to your certifications within a 12-month period 5 CPDs must come from the Professional Experience category, but the remaining 15 can be earned from activities across all 3 categories – Professional Experience, Professional Education and Community categories.
  • 1 CPD equates to one hour worth of effort and you can record a minimum of 30 minutes (0.5 CPD) up to a maximum of 15 hours (15 CPDs). For Professional Experience, to gain the 5 CPDs, you will need to list 5 separate activities.
  • The table further below provides activity examples for all the 3 categories.
  • Irrespective of whether you are submitting CPDs via AXELOS or Peoplecert, you will be required to enter the following information for each instance of CPD submission:
  • Certificate that you are claiming the CPDs against
  • Type (category) of CPD
  • Description of the activity
  • Points you are claiming
  • Completion date of the activity
  • What did you learn (from the activity)?

You will see confirmation after you submit the above information. This will also reflect the total CPDs submitted against this certification for the current subscription period and the CPDs remaining.

Table of CPD category wise examples

CPD categoryActivity examples
Professional Experience (Minimum five points)

  • Professional practice: applying best practice in the workplace

  • Coaching colleagues in relation to best practice

  • Mentoring individuals or groups to support their development

  • Work shadowing colleagues in relation to best practice

Professional Education

  • Peoplecert certifications

  • Other certifications from PeopleCert Accredited Training Organisations

  • Other certifications from non-PeopleCert Accredited Training Organisations

  • Professional qualifications from awarding bodies

  • In house training

  • E-learning

  • Reading relevant books, publications, research, white papers etc.

  • Engaging with podcasts and webinar


  • Organising industry / best practice related events

  • Contributing to community discussion forums

  • Authoring thought leadership

  • Attending industry events

  • Reading community discussion forums

  • volunteering to share your knowledge and experience

5. Sharing your badges publicly through Credly

  • Create your account at using the same email id that you have for AXELOS and Peoplecert.
  • Whenever you complete submission of 20 CPDs against a certification, you will be awarded a badge by PeopleCert/AXELOS.
  • You will receive notification of this via email for you to accept the badge and for the badge to be automatically be populated into your Credly account.
  • You may view all your currently active badges anytime at the AXELOS or PeopleCert site
    • AXELOS – select Badges menu at top to view
    • Peoplecert – select My badges menu at top to view
  • Login to your Credly account. All your currently active badges will be displayed. You may select any badge and use the Share button to share this in any of the listed social media pages (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) or to share via email. You can also get a public link, embedded code or download the badge image.

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