How to claim Digital Badges for PRINCE2®/ PRINCE2®Agile, to show your learning achievements to the world?

To claim your Axelos Digital Batch after passing PRINCE2®/ PRINCE2®Agile Certifications, you need become Subscriber of Axelos by directly paying GBP 50 +Vat / per year to Axelos. As an Axelos PRINCE2®Subscriber you will have access a range of templates, toolkits and resources to apply PRINCE2®/ PRINCE2®Agile best practice and excel in your career. You digital badge will be worth the investment, as prospective employers and recruiters can very your credentials easily.

Key benefits of My Axelos Subscription

  • Access a private community of like-minded Project Management professionals
  • Earn a digital badge aligned to your highest PRINCE2®/ PRINCE2®Agile certificate
  • Get access to Project Management Best practice publications, reports and white papers to keep you on top of industry trends
  • PRINCE2®and PRINCE2®Agile exam resources to prepare you for success, and toolkits to apply what you’ve learnt

Subscribe to My PRINCE2®directly from Axelos Official Website

When you create your account, you can also indicate your interest areas such as;

  1. ITIL – IT Service Management
  2. Project Management based on PRINCE2®and PRINCE2®Agile
  3. Cyber Resilience (RESILIA)
  4. AgileSHIFT
  5. Program Management (MSP)
  6. Risk Management (M_o_R)
  7. Portfolio, Program and Project Offices (P3O)
  8. Portfolio Management (MoP)

Also you need to maintain the CPD requirements until the expiry date of your subscription. Once you have accepted your badge you will be required to log a further 20 CPD points for your badge to be extended for a further 12 months at renewal. Your badge will reflect the highest certification that you hold e.g. If hold both a PRINCE2®Foundation and a PRINCE2®Practitioner certification, you will receive a PRINCE2®Practitioner badge.

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