Just think of your most memorable learning experience. Most likely this learning took place by experiencing. Sometimes referring to a problem situation that you managed to solve. Learning by experience is very strong and – as you probably can confirm now – is long lasting.

It is no coincidence that experience – as a word – and experiment share many letters. Learning by experimenting is what ITIL4, DevOps, Agile, Lean, Scrum promote as well.

In his book “The Singularity Is Near (2005)”, Ray Kurzweil perfectly describes the exponential growth we are facing at this moment. With the rise of Internet of things, Artificial Intelligence, and others we need to prepare ourselves for “The next generation of ITSM”, to continue to be successful or to survive.

This not only requires new tools, new ways of working, but more than that, also a new way of learning. Faster, better and cheaper.

1 world training is offering a wide set of Business Simulation to achieve that. We use world-class business simulations from GamingWorks. Our trainers have proven capabilities in facilitating these Business simulation to support your learning goals.

Even now, with COVID and the need to work from home, these challenges need to be solved working remotely. Remote communication and collaboration also brings with it new challenges, skills and behaviors.

Check our business simulation below and contact us for an in-depth consult.

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