Course Outcomes – Appeals, Policy and Procedure:

Appeals Policy

The appeals process is not a method of circumventing or setting aside the professional judgement of 1 World Training accredited Trainers or Examination bodies Examiners, on the performance of candidates; it is a way of ensuring that as far as possible all relevant circumstances affecting a learner’s performance are brought too light and considered BEFORE a final decision is taken.

Consequently, if an appeal is successful, the decision reached will normally be in accordance with the regulations set out by the awarding organization.

1worldtraining has no influence on the final decision of awarding organization.

1 World Trainings responsibility:

1 World Training will ensure that all candidates are well informed about the options they have for the appeals process, before the beginning of training and exams.

When a 1 World Training Learner logs an appeal, we will not discriminate in anyway and conduct the appeal as per the 1 World Training and the awarding examination bodies requirements.

Procedure for Formal appeal process

If a learner disagrees with assessment decision or exam results training outcomes, made by our accredited trainers or examination body, then they will be able to appeal (in writing) against it to 1WORLD-TRAINING Training Global Training Manager, by sending email to

When submitting a request, the individual must ensure the following information is provided:

Name of Training Course:

Candidate name:

Candidate email address:

Candidate phone number:

Trainer name:

Exam taken date (If exam was taken)

Assessment’s submission date (If assessment was taken)

Detailed Description of the Appeal:

Our Global Training Manager will acknowledge receipt of your appeal within 2 business days and assigning a unique reference number in format ddmmyyy-first 4 letters of your first name.

If the appeal is related to the course assessment, then Global Training Manager will coordinate with the relevant trainer for possible re-assessment of candidate’s assignments.

If the appeal is related to the exam results, then Global Training Manager, will inform the learner, about the nonrefundable fees involved for the Exam results appeal. Upon the payment of the Exam results assessment fees by the candidate, the global training manager will raise a ticket with concerned exam accreditation body for Exam results reassessment.

1 World Training has no control on the outcome of Exam results appeal reassessment result and the decision of the Examination body remains binding and final.

The candidate will be informed via email about the outcome, once the decision is made by the Examination body. 1 World Training has not control on the timeline of the appeal process, once the case if with the Examination body.

We will resolve all course assessment appeals and notify you via email in 5 business days.

In case your appeals for course assessments is not resolved in 5 business days, the Global Training Manager will escalate the case to Global Managing Director.

All your communications with regards to appeals process should be only directed to email address

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